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Pressure Media Filters

Pressures offered are with a single, dual or multiple media based to meet specific requirements. All filters are available in Manual, Semi Auto or Fully Automatic Options. with mono valve for smaller versions and multiple valve control for the larger filters.

Pressure Sand filters

This range of filters utilizes a single type sieved and graded sand based media with graded silex and pebbles as support media. Options are available for the external vessel in fabricated mild steel or FRP. All filters come with custom designed internals to ensure even distribution of incoming water and uniform collection of the filtered water. and proper dirt removal during backwashing.

Multi grade filters

This range of filters utilizes a dual grade of sieved and graded sand based media with graded silex and pebbles as support media. Fabrication options are available for the external vessel either in mild steel or FRP. All filters come with custom designed internals to ensure even distribution of incoming water and uniform collection of the filtered water.


Domestic Water Softener are available in a wide range with maximum flow rate from 500 to 60000 LPH. In this process hard water is converted to soft water. The maximum permissible limit of hardness in water is 200 ppm(mg/lit). About 62% of India suffer from more than 200 ppm of hardness in water. But what makes water hard? Hard water contains excessive Calcium and Magnesium salt which are harmful.

Applications :

  • Home and apartments
  • Process water for manufacturing plants
  • Boiler feed water and cooling water make-up
  • Beverage and food processing industry
  • Hospital, hotel, indtitute, laundries and more


Pharmaceutical RO Plant is a perfect solution for the high quality purified water requirement of various industries. The combination of RO, UF, MB and EDI units in the Pharmaceutical RO Plant gives the best result for diverse applications.

The wide range of products also includes GMP Model that comprises of latest technology for better output.

Our range of Pharma RO plants is used for reducing composition of suspended & dissolved solid impurities Our double stage Reverse osmosis plants constitutes the most reliable solution for purified water production and the only solution for HIGHLY purified water production and are fully designed in compliance with the standards requested by the International Pharmacopoeias.

Applications :

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Process plant


Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the finest water purification technology used to remove dissolved solids. Here also physical filtration takes place with the help of membrane.


This is just reversing the process of osmosis. In this the water is forced through a membrane which is having pore size of 0.0001 µ

Applications :

Only solution available in the world to reduce TDS levels. There are wide variety of applications such as Drinking water, Process water for industry such as Food, Beverages, Power, Chemical, Pharma, Bio-Tech, Waste water recovery etc.


Demineralization or Deionisation is the process of removing mineral salts from water by using the ion exchange process. With most natural water sources it is possible to use Demineralisation and produce water of a higher quality than conventional distillation A Typical two-bed DM Plant consists of two MS Rubber lined Pressure vessels connected in series along with its internal fittings. The first unit consists of high capacity strongly acidic cation exchange resin, which converts positive ions of salt and replaces them with hydrogen ions to form respective acids, which are absorbed in next vessel by strongly basic anion exchange resin. The water obtained by this process shows conductivity less than 20 µ S / cm at 25 Deg C and total dissolved solids less than 10 ppm.

Further high purity water can be achieved by Mixed Bed Deionisers, which are designed to produce high purity treated water. They can be used as polishing units after two bed DM Plant to obtain high purity water.

Applications :

  • High purity water for Pharma applications
  • High purity & Silica removal for Power plant
  • Suitable for Less TDS water


Basically it is a filtration technology in which physical separation of fine suspended particles, colloidal impurities & micro organisms from the water. With this we can able to remove Turbidity, Silt, Microbial & Colloidal Silica


It contains Hollow Fiber modules which is having 0.01 µ pore size and water can be pushed from either ways (inside/out or Outside/in) at low pressures. These are back washable.

Applications :

Surface water (River, Pond, lake, Sea etc.,) treatment, Pre-Treatment to RO, Waste water Re-Cycling, Post-Treatment of Purified/ Ultra Purified water and WFI in Pharma & Bio-Tech applications, Colloidal Silica removal etc.,